Location and transportation

The ATAL S.A. investment will be located in one of the most dynamically growing and popular districts of Wrocław – Krzyki. Nowe Miasto Jagodno is located near newly built estates, providing housing to mostly young people and families with small children.

The compound will be situated a mere 3 kilometers away from a large shopping mall, which not offers numerous opportunities for larger shopping, but also a gym. Aquapark Wrocław is just 5 kilometers away – a place for active recreation, popular among the inhabitants of Wrocław, together with a karting track. Numerous grocery stores for your everyday shopping are also available in the area. Residents can take a walk to the family-friendly restaurants nearby, visit a pharmacy or an outpatient clinic. There are also two primary schools and private preschools in the investment’s vicinity.

The neighborhood is developing very dynamically. A tram terminus, a school-preschool complex and a park are planned in the close vicinity of the investment. Extension of Buforowa street to include another traffic lane, construction of a tram line to connect the Nowe Miasto Jagodno estate with the center of Wrocław and renovation of bicycle paths will provide the neighborhood with a modern and well-developed transportation network in no time.

Świadectwa energetyczne budynków

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