Investment description

The Nowe Miasto Jagodno investment is dedicated to those who value refined design and are looking for a peaceful place to live. The project consists of five stages and will be located at the corner of Asfaltowa and Buforowa streets – one of the most promising places to live in Lower Silesia. Nowe Miasto Jagodno will consist of modern, elegant buildings that will meet the needs of all future inhabitants.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno stage I
The first stage of the investment includes 187 flats with areas ranging from 39 square meters to 95 square meters. Some of them also feature impressive mezzanines, ground floor flats have large gardens, while higher floor flats – spacious terraces. Nowe Miasto Jagodno is the perfect place both for active people and for those who value peace and quiet. The compound will come with a large underground garage hall, offering numerous parking spaces, quiet elevators and practical storage units for residents. The surrounding area had been divided into zones even before the investment was launched, including a parking lot, as well as green spaces for shared leisure and relaxation. Our estate is fully adjusted to the needs of the disabled. Nowe Miasto Jagodno follows the current construction trends.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno stage II

Architecturally consistent with the previous development, the 2nd stage consists of two six story buildings. There are 111 flats of various size, ranging from 32,07 up to 104,60 square meters and 1 to 4 room layouts. Each flat comes with a balcony, a terrace or a garden. Underground and overground parking spaces are available for the residents. 59 storage units are available for the residents’ convenience to hold their possessions. A modern and safe playground was built at this stage, to accommodate the youngest residents. Three commercial premises were planned on the ground floors of the building.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno stage III

The investment’s next stage design included the construction of 5 buildings, providing 295 flats. An extensive range of residential premises, with surface areas ranging from 33 square meters to approximately 102 square meters, includes both smaller studios, as well as larger three bedroom apartments. Residents can also use storage units as an added storage space.

Two underground garages, a parking lot and parking spaces for motorcycles have also been planned in the investment. Parking spaces with an electric vehicles charging station were an additional, convenient option for drivers. Dedicates spaces for the disabled are available both in the underground garage and external parking lot. New trees have been planted around the investment and on the garage roof, while bicycle afficionados can use bike stalls located near the parking spaces.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno stage IV

Two four-story buildings and two five-story ones will be built as a part of the fourth stage of the investment, with a total of 227 flats. Future buyers can choose from a varied selection – from studios to three bedroom apartments. Ground floor flats come with gardens, while those in higher floors come with balconies. Spacious layouts with mezzanines were designed on the top floors.

The architecture of the 4th stage buildings blends in seamlessly with the rest of the estate.
Each building will come with a garage hall with multiple parking spots. An overground parking lot is also planned in investment premises. For the future buyers’ convenience, each building will have a space for storage units, where residents can store their possessions

The investment’s neighborhood encourages spending time outdoors. The youngest residents are sure to be happy with a modern and safe playground and recreation zones. Bikers will have bicycle stalls and a bicycle room at their disposal.

Nowe Miasto Jagodno stage V

The fifth stage will include the construction of four six-story buildings with a total of 199 flats. Smaller one bedroom flats, as well as larger three bedroom flats with spacious terraces will be available. With a wide range of surface areas, from 37 up to 110 square meters, customers will be able to chose a flat that matches their personal preference. An underground garage will be built at the underground level. Additional parking spaces, including one dedicated for the disabled, will be located outside. There will be a playground for the youngest residents, two pergolas and bike stalls for cycling fans.

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