Stages I, II, IV, V

ATAL S.A. Design Department

The Design Department of ATAL S.A., created with the Wrocław subsidiary of the company, is responsible for the project. The Design Department of ATAL S.A. provides comprehensive design services for the investment at every development stage. Our team of designers consists of architects with extensive experience and practical knowledge:

Architect Grzegorz Pik,
Architect Jakub Dobras,
Architect Iwona Fit,
Architect Karol Piechocki,
Architect Marta Wójcik,
Architect Dominika Spadło,
Architect Agata Wiklik-Szczeblewska,
Architect Karolina Wochal–Ludwig,
Architect Dorota Jedlińska.

This project was also co-created by the following authors:
Architect Zuzanna Mróz,
Architect Paweł Hernik.

Stage III

TH Architekci, lead designer architect Tadeusz Hardt – architectural firm with more than 30 years of history. Many projects received the “Piękny Wrocław” award, which additionally underscores the firm's achievements. The firm mostly operates in the city of Wrocław. Their projects range from residential buildings to commercial venues – malls, hotels, office buildings. Throughout the years, the firm trained many independent architects.

TH Architekci
50-155 Wrocław
ul. Purkyniego 1, 6th floor
tel: 713461841
mobile: +48 512929643

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